About Us

The ScotiaMcLeod Charitable Foundation was established in 1987 to celebrate McLeod Young Weir joining Scotiabank.

About Us

The Foundation was established as a way to promote philanthropy by encouraging and recognizing the ongoing participation in community involvement and volunteerism that was inherent in the culture at McLeod Young Weir. Over the last 30 years, the Foundation has celebrated community participation by contributing to registered charities across Canada, specifically in the areas of health and social services.

In 2015, the Foundation launched “Share the Wealth” – a formal program that encourages and celebrates community engagement. At ScotiaMcLeod, giving back to the communities continues to be a large part of our culture. Together with our colleagues, we work as a team and implement the shared idea and values of wealth distribution, active community participation, and charitable involvement with organizations and programs that align with our goal to promote philanthropy.

In 2017, 36 ScotiaMcLeod colleagues community involvement efforts were recognized with awards from Share the wealth. The 36 individuals and their charities were chosen by the previous year’s award winners based on written submissions – a true peer reviewed process. The 36 outstanding colleagues were able to hand deliver cheques for $6,500 to the charities they have been active with. This was a tremendous increase from 2016 where we had 8 award grants and our first year in 2015 which had just 3 award grants.

Share the Wealth

Our Vision is to Make a Difference

Share the Wealth reflects our collective vision for making a difference.

This program has been established to recognize community impact, and encourage deeper and lasting contributions to strengthen our communities. On an annual basis, Share the Wealth Awards recognizes community engagement of ScotiaMcLeod employees.

The Share the Wealth Awards Committee reviews all employee applications and presents Share the Wealth Awards in honour of employees who exhibit leadership and make a significant impact through volunteerism. A financial contribution is made on behalf of each Share the Wealth Award recipient to a cause they personally support.

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Share the Wealth in your community.

Share the Wealth

Share the Wealth

Share the Wealth

Share the Wealth

Community Impact

Creating a Sustainable Cycle of Prosperity

One key goal of the ScotiaMcLeod Charitable Foundation is to create a sustainable cycle of corporate and community prosperity.

Share the Wealth promotes corporate citizenship by encouraging all employees to contribute to the communities where they live and work through volunteerism. Employee and individual contributions to the ScotiaMcLeod Charitable Foundation help us increase our community impact.

Your contributions to the Foundation allow us to recognize even more ScotiaMcLeod employees through additional Share the Wealth Awards.

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